Alma – Meet Alma

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ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

“Alma’s hot pussy receives her first doggy sex injection”

ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Alma meets Sam – soon to be her first K9 lover…
Alma is an attractive mature Lady from Mexico. As we know, extra years bring extra experience. It’s Alma’s first time with a dog, but the Lady knows how to please a man. Sam enjoys the benefits of Alma’s sexual know-how.
ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Sam leads the Lady home, for that special kind of loving…
The video is shot in a playful way, with a slight plot. In this doggy love story, ZDT meets Alma on the street, and persuades her to let his boy Sam enjoy her sexy vagina. The Lady agrees.
ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Home at last – let the games begin!
Back at ZDT’s place, Alma strips down and offers her honey pot to the horny hound. As always, Sam does not hesitate to drive his dog cock into the starlets sex. He penetrates her deeply and smoothly – Alma receives her first breeding with passion. It’s not long before the couple are tied, and Sam proceeds to inject Alma’s pussy with his hot fresh dog sperm.
ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Sam is quick to help himself to Alma’s hot pussy…
As we have come to expect from ZDT, some great angles and views of the natural doggy action. Seeing Sam’s cock flying in and out of Alma’s hot sex, is a real pleasure. Fans of good looking mature Ladies being taken by dogs, will not be disappointed.
ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Sam drives hard and deep into Alma…
Alma finishes Sam off with a hot doggy suck. Her first opportunity to taste doggy cum as it splashes across her tongue.
ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Our hero plants a deep knot into the Lady, and proceeds to fill her up with cum…
The dialogue throughout the movie is Spanish language, but we have provided subtitles so that you can follow the love story. A warm and intimate production – I enjoyed it a lot, I’m sure you will too.
ArtOfZoo - Meet Alma

Alma sucks the last of Sam’s cum from his erect cock…

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