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In the beginning, humans and animals lived together harmoniously. And they understood each other totally. 
But, according to what Tradition makes us believe, as soon as mankind began to affirm its presence, in the mythical Garden of Eden, where an idyllic lifestyle was within their reach, our forefathers weren’t totally at ease with the environment. Even before becoming carnivorous, Adam and Eve were inducing in the other inhabitants of that wilderness the mechanism of either fleeing or attacking, as a consequence of endangering their habitats. So, please, let’s not pretend to be surprised if nowadays, despite the scientific knowledge brought by many centuries of research and trial, we still experience a daunting task, when intending to interpret some behavioural instances of our fellow animal species. Throughout our entire history, we enacted an extremely provocative role, very self-centred, plundering and reaping the natural world, disregarding many opportunities to develop a peaceful relationship even with whom we believed were faithful companions of ours.
Every time I decide to begin interacting with an unknown dog, thousands of years of misled prejudices burden my approach. Being well aware of that deviant legacy, I recur to cautiousness and deep observation of what I consider significant hints. Those are the tools I usually put in practice to prevent disappointment or disagreeable misunderstandings. While this system isn’t 100% effective, my rate of “success” is more than satisfying. Still, the exceptions which do arise are mind-boggling …
ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Flop
After many extremely varied experiences, I can only say I’m often lost when trying to guess which sort of developments my presence can trigger in the behavior of an intact male dog.
Oscar is a joyful Gold Retriever.
At 4, he’s not a puppy anymore but often behaves like one.
The twinkle in his eyes reassures even who considers him too wild and playful for his owners, an older couple of English retirees, who chose the Portuguese countryside to settle down after an entire life of traveling.
He lives like an undisputed ruler in an unusual Farm, where no other mammals are hosted.
I personally don’t favour re-created environments, but I’m always curious to discover different ways of benefiting from natural surroundings.That’s why I didn’t need more than a formal invitation to go and visit that place, two days after last Christmas. Between my family and those people, there are ties originated a couple of decades back, so I was greeted like a close relative, even though I had never met them in person before. Oscar must have immediately sensed that I was somewhat “trustworthy” and “beloved” by his foster parents. Just arrived, before entering by the main-door, in the cold of that winter evening, when greeting and lifting a few boxes, I couldn’t help but notice him staring at my body. Quite ostensibly. Then he never kept far from me. A couple of hours later, in the warmth of the rustic kitchen, surrounded by half of a dozen of unexpected visitors and feeling sweaty, I thought better to change, to be more at ease. Oscar didn’t miss the opportunity to follow me when I was shown a room, then waited patiently until I emptied my bag unto the bed and searched for something comfortable to wear. He was keeping quiet but never taking the eyes off me. I too wasn’t distracted by anything else, in fact, was kind of flattered by such a “silent stalking”, to the point I played for a while with the idea of showing him the full length of my legs under the skimpiest of my skirts. But, sensing he might have reacted wildly to such a spectacle, I listened to wisdom, and I opted for a much subdued long dress. But in order to put it on, I had to undress almost completely, of course. He kept seated in front of the mirror while I was unzipping and lowering the jeans, but when I was in my knickers, he stood up, as if trying to catch attention.
We did make then a very intense eye contact which lasted for interminable moments. I guess he felt my incoming sexual arousal. Or perhaps, going back to where he was seated before, he was just observing a woman buttoning her dress up and finding that vision amusing, who knows? What’s certain is that he chose to sit in a very uncomfortable position, leaning on one rear paw, openly offering me the full sight of his sex.
Which was bulky but not poking out of the sheath.
The thing was dangling in a way I’d have found appealing, if sure about his real intentions. Instead, I was really confused about everything, that body language wasn’t giving me any obvious clue about what to expect, and how to act in that unfamiliar situation.
My previous experiences with pet loving and subsequent sexual interactions had been all very clear-cut, impossible to be misunderstood, in the sense that all my K9 lovers rapidly knew what they wanted and how to get it from me.
On the contrary, then, Oscar seemed content by just hanging his furry parcel loosely in a pose which could make it quite visible, but, by common standards, that wasn’t denouncing any instinctive attraction towards me.
Anyway, even if he did, I couldn’t have accommodated it straight away. I was conscious that we were not alone in that house, I could hear a buzz coming from the kitchen, where certainly I was waited for to resume the conversation.
So, I quickly recovered from any unrealistic thought and rushed out of that bedroom.
I confess – though – that, immediately after, instead of paying much attention to I was being told by human beings, my mind was becoming more and more keen about exploring the possibility of some sort of sexual activity with Oscar.
He was appearing to be fallen asleep on a rug in the lounge.
Whether he was dreaming, or just pretending to be left alone by all that crowd, I didn’t know, but I was definitely sure his smell was capable of noticing that my panties were soaking. Perhaps his ears were receiving the subtle noise of my pulsating vagina or, at least, the louder sound of my empty stomach, nervously awaiting …
My entire body was definitely in a wild mood, but I don’t think any human took notice of that.
After a very late and quite light supper, and a couple of social drinks, the time to retire arrived.
I was asked to sleep in an upper floor room, just beside a hall where, among other things, even plants and garden tools are kept.
Oscar remained downstairs and so his owners.
The tiredness won me before completing stripping down and wearing my nightie.
I must have caught sleep half naked and only covered by a blanket.
When I woke up, it was already half morning.
Up I was and looking for a bathroom when Oscar re-appeared …
Many hours had passed since our last encounter, but we both naturally acted as if we had never stopped being close to each other.
Some practical difference was occurring though: Oscar looked better groomed and definitely more curious, while me, coming from the bed, had no lingerie to cover my pubis, which could be easily exposed and accessed to… Also, my bladder was eager to discharge, understandably.
A quick tour made me realize there are no toilet facilities on the floor where I had slept, so for a pee, I had to go downstairs quite soon.
But, not been in my own place, I first needed to wear something decent, to protect from any indiscreet eyes.
I sat on the side of the bed to consider whether a pair of trousers would be enough for the purpose. When I was leaning back to retrieve ’em from a chair I must have given Oscar a clear signal, or so it seemed.
In a flash, my pussy was against his snout, and briefly after his tongue ventured out and started exploring …
That made me forget about any other thought or worry, I immediately felt at his disposal!
A man would not have hesitated to jump on me then, sexual intercourse would have followed naturally.
But Oscar is a dog, let’s not forget…
As I have been trying to explain since the introduction of this tale, animals don’t always send us messages we can easily decipher, their motives are often mysterious by our frame of mind.
So, here I was with my vagina wide open, extremely wet and unashamedly exposed to him, waiting to provoke his desire.
But his reaction, after some more patchy sniffing, was quite subdued, almost indifferent.
I could see his eyes between my thighs, and so I imagined some hope to turn him on was justified.
And that was when I must have inadvertently released a few drops of the golden fluid, which was painfully present in my full bladder.
Oscar did pay attention to that! His ears began to rise up while the slimy tongue reappeared around the snout, more uncontrolled than ever.
My urge was really unstoppable though, that wasn’t the right time to play and tease, I needed to discharge badly.
And, of course, not being at my place, flooding the wooden floor wasn’t a viable option. But, before coming to my senses, I did allow a couple of squirts out, to his obvious amusement.
Then I got up and searched frantically for a convenient vessel to fill up.
My luck was confirmed when a proper plastic chamber-pot came out of the bedside cabinet.
Wide enough to allow seating on it, while squatting and keeping the legs wide apart.
What happened next was predictable as days follow nights.
Quite possibly Oscar enjoyed my superb interpretation of the Niagara Falls, in two acts.
Still, apparently, that wasn’t enough to sexually arouse him, unlike other male dogs I lovingly encountered before.
But, even if he wasn’t decidedly thinking of having sex, he kept extremely attentive and cute looking, making me extremely horny !! To the point that I couldn’t refrain from applying a couple of fingers to my fully awake pussy. While getting more and more pleasure and excitement, there was no doubt whatsoever in my mind that he was perfectly aware of the situation, and the reason why I was practising that kind of activity …
I could feel orgasms approaching fast while desiring to feel his whole cock inside of me.
But everything finished quite quickly when we heard voices, and the noise of steps coming up the stairway. The knocking at the door didn’t find us unprepared: Oscar had already moved from me, and was nonchalantly looking out of the window, while I had hidden the pot under the bed, and donned the trousers.
The lady formally asked how my sleep had been, shared some information about the weather, then called Oscar and they both left for the garden.
I spent most of that day outside too, enjoying a long walk in the surrounding forests, and trying not to think of anything sexual.
Only when I got back to my hosts, I realized I had missed a valuable opportunity to further develop my approach to Oscar.
In fact, nobody had taken care of him, left alone he was looking quite frustrated and impatient.
But, because the weather had dramatically improved, he wasn’t allowed inside to have dinner with us, and it was decided that he would have spent the whole night in his makeshift cot, under a huge beech tree.
I did feel sorry about that situation, but there was nothing I could do to improve it.
So, really, it seemed the final chapter of that K9 adventure of mine had been written.
My plans were to leave the following morning and go back to Lisbon to spend New Year Eve in Lisbon, partying with friends.
But, when I was almost getting to bed, I was asked if I could stay one more day, looking after the house and the dog, while the owners would have gone to visit relatives in Porto. They said it was important to them, asking for the favour so nicely that I didn’t dare to refuse.
So, I woke up in an empty house.
To be honest, even though, before catching sleep, I had fantasied a little about the possibility of having sex with Oscar, I wasn’t thinking of it at all when I heard him barking loudly outside.
I suppose that wild noise was what triggered me, or at least re-ignited my desire.
So without any further hesitation, I rushed down the stairs, half-naked, wearing only my very light nightie.
As soon as I unlocked the main door, he jumped inside.
I could clearly hear my biological clock ticking, one tick after the other, louder and louder, triggering the primeval instincts until they became overpowering.
Oscar – though – seemed totally unconcerned, I’d say even a little annoyed when I offered him a full sight of my complete nudity.
Out of courtesy – probably – he watched the frantic spreading of my swollen labia, but, when I started patting the clit to invite his tongue, he turned a blind eye and began to lick one of his own paws instead…
My desire was immense and his decidedly insignificant.
Quickly realizing that my approach was counterproductive, I changed tactics, striving to think and act in a way which would be unmistakeably recognizable by a dog…
So I went down on all fours, fully ready to crawl around, shuffling knees and hands on the soft moquette of the lounge. Convinced that my impersonation of a horny female dog was perfect, and would have attracted any male to copulate!
Oscar – though – didn’t seem to agree, remaining still and totally uncooperative.
From the floor, I could check any movement of his penis, whose sight from above is partially covered by flocks of shiny fur, and I wasn’t detecting any sign of excitement.
My will was huge though.
So I kept playing and teasing, very actively, praying to get the response my sexuality was crying for. To satisfy the urges I had to repeatedly recur to my fingers and a couple of handy kitchen tools, while Oscar pretended not to be there, even his tongue kept hidden and dry …
That incredibly frustrating session, during which I even peed twice on the kitchen floor in a very canine fashion, lasted many hours until late evening when I received the phone-call announcing the return of the owners of the house.
Desisting was advisable then, and so I did.
But, after, in these few months, many doubts remain in my mind, many questions I ask myself are left unanswered. Not that I blame Oscar, of course, I’m sure it was me who acted very naively, and whose approach was totally out of context.
Let’s hope that was a lesson I learnt, and that, in the future, I’ll be more aware of how to relate in this type of situations and convey the right signals to any potential lover.

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