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ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Movie


Previously on ArtOfZoo we released Mistress Mama and Elina’s movie ‘Family Ties’ by hardworking pet producer TeamRussia. This was an intriguing and very naughty movie, because it explored the world of petlove in a Domme / sub K9sM style family setting.

Mistress Mama is a strong-willed lifestyle Dominatrix from Russia. Pet student Elina is the natural daughter of Mistress Mama. That’s right, Mistress Mama, really is the Mama 🙂

Some folks will find this kind of thing unsettling. Well folks, I am merely the reporter, reporting on the true state of sexual affairs of our fellow man and woman. I’m not interesting in judging people’s fun, as long as nobody is getting hurt – I’ll leave that up to idiots in government halls and religious venues. If it ain’t your bag, probably best to not read further. Otherwise, meet Mama and Alina and learn a little bit about their lifestyle. You decide if both Ladies are having a good time or not. I am supremely confident that these Ladies are not the only Ladies out there enjoying this kind of fun, it’s statistically improbable. All part of life’s rich tapestry…

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex

Mistress Mama and daughter-in-training Elina…

Mistress Mama and Elina, both speak only Russian. Communication was tough going but we get there with the help of a translator and a bit of editing.


Thank you for talking with us today Ladies. Many of our Members are interested to hear about your unusual pet lifestyle with your daughter. I hope we can ask you a few questions.

ArtOfZoo Mistress Mama

Mistress Mama, big, bold, confident Dominatrix Lady…

What is your favorite movie?
“I love the movie ‘The Dawns here are quiet’. It is a film about the struggle against fascism.”

What is your favorite song?
“The show must go on”

What is your Zodiac sign?

At what age did you first have sex?
“16 years”

Do you have a strong appetite for sexual adventure?
“Appetite is for food – I want anal sex with a dog!”

Let’s talk about dog sex. When did you first have sex with dogs?
“For the first time 2 years ago”

ArtOfZoo Mistress Mama and Alina

Mistress Mama with daughter and student Alina…

What was special about your first dog?
“He was active, beautiful, and shoved his huge throbbing knot into my pussy!”

How many times have you done it since?
“12 times now – more soon, I hope a lot more”

Do you like to perform?
“Yes I love the dog sex act – I would like to perform with three dogs at once”

Many people are interested in your work. How do you feel about that?
“I am happy people are interested in my work and our lifestyle. I like to satisfy”

What do you say to people who think dog sex is wrong?
“These people are PRICKS :))))”

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies

What do you say to women who are considering a dog sex lifestyle?
“I would tell them how amazing it is, so that they have positive emotions about it, and maybe try it”

When did you first discuss dog sex with your daughter?
“This all came up recently. Elina caught me with the dog, I ended up showing her more videos of me with dogs and explained that it is something I enjoy”

What was her reaction?
“She asked a lot of questions of course. She was a bit shy about it at first, maybe a bit shocked to find out my secret! But she was not upset or angry, she’s a smart girl”

ArtOfZoo Mistress Mama and Elina

Mistress Mama adheres to strict dog training principles with all her students…

Who’s idea was it for Elina to learn about dog sex from you?
“After seeing my videos, and asking many questions, she mentioned that she was interested in trying it herself. I guess she has my appetite for pleasure. She’s not a child, she has her own mind and passion. I think it would be wrong if I did not support her in her decision. I think it’s good that she can train in dog sex with someone she trusts”

Is it strange to guide a dog’s penis into your own daughter?
“Any mother is no stranger to her daughters vagina! But this type of training is normal for me and her now, we are both used to the experience”

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex

As a Dominatrix are you satisfied with her dog sex progress so far?
“My daughter is inexperienced, but she is training regularly and getting better at it. I’m pleased, but I think soon I will be more pleased as she does more training. As a Dominatrix it’s in my nature to be strict and to push her, so she is learning quickly”

What advice would you give to your daughter, to improve her dog sex?
“I would advise her to listen carefully and do as I say! Mother knows best, even in dog training!”

Do you feel closer to your daughter by sharing your dog sex lifestyle with her?
“Yes, by sharing this we have better understanding of each other. It gives us a special bond together. It is very nice to share this part of my life, and to not have to keep it a secret from her”

As a mother can you describe how it feels to see your daughter having sex with a dog?
“I was happy to start training her for the dog, because she wanted it and I enjoy it – but she is still my daughter you understand. Dog sex can be rough, I was a little worried that she might get hurt. I did not have to worry because her first times went very well. The dog even knotted her!”

ArtOfZoo Animal Sex Movies

Would you feel proud if your daughter were to become very skilled with dogs?
“I would love to see her develop these skills and become a great dogs bitch, as a mother AND Dominatrix, it’s my dream!”

Thank you for your time today Mistress Mama. Now I would like to speak with your daughter Elina.


ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Student Alina

Doggy daughter-in-training Alina…

You are new to dog sex, but you are progressing nicely. Are you enjoying the experience?
“I’m finding dog sex very exciting – I had an orgasm during my first time having sex with a dog :)”

Your Mother is a talented dog lover. Have you seen her video work?
“Of course – I’ve seen that she takes very good care of those dogs :)”

It’s clear you have a lot of admiration for your Mother. What do you admire most?
“My Mother is strong and caring, and I admire her courage”

Do you hope to be as skilled in dog sex as your Mother is?
“Now she is much better than me. With more training, I hope to please the dogs as nicely as my mother can”

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Student Alina

Luscious Alina has the curves to satisfy the hungriest of horny hounds…

Do you like to please your mother?
“Yes of course, she is my beloved mother :)”

Is dog sex is what you expected? 
“I really did not know what to expect. When it all happened, it was surprising – the orgasm really surprised me”

What part did you enjoy the most?
“The experience was so good that I was in ecstasy. I do not remember a lot of it :)))))))))))”

Do you like to make your Mother proud with your dog love?
“You’re bad! :))) But yes of course I do, I always want her to be proud of everything I do”

Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
“We always have a good relationship, sharing dog sex together just makes it better”

ArtOfZoo Mistress Mama and Elina

Mistress Mama training daughter Alina with TeamRussia – Alina takes the dog fully into her pussy for the first time…

Most girls have to learn on about dog sex on their own. How does it feel to learn about dog sex from your Mother?
“My mom is wise and knows all – she’s experienced and a good teacher, and as my mother I know she will take care of me. I am happy she is the one training me”

ArtOfZoo Dog Sex Daughter and Mother

Your Mother is a strong Lady. Do you feel your Mother’s dominance in your decision to love dogs?
“I don’t always listen to my Mother! Although she is strict and her dog sex training is strict. But She loves me :)))”

What would you like to try next?
“I would like to try another, bigger dog next!”

Would you like to continue dog training with your Mother?
“Yes, I would like that very much and I hope she wants that too”.

Thank you for your time today Ladies, and we wish you the best of luck in your future pet love adventures 🙂

ArtOfZoo Mistress Mama and Alina

Mistress Mama teaching daughter Alina good technique in dog sucking…

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