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“Sexy Sow DV goes Hard Core with the Boar…”

ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

If you feel, like I feel Baby – come on… come on…
You’ll remember Gang, it was not all that long ago, that we released the first commercial pig sex movie in about 50 years. And, arguably, the first GOOD / REAL commercial pig movie – with penetration, closeups etc – EVER. Of all time. Like Russel Cock says, ‘the things we do, echo in eternity’. Man I can’t wait to get to those Pearly Gates. That conversation is gonna be a keeper 😉
ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Devote lets us know the boar is sinking deep up inside her…
Since then, every man and his dog is rocking the piggystyle. There is no denying, a lot of you folks do love to see a Lady being bored by a boar. And those naughty Pet Ladies can’t seem to get enough of that ham sandwich. “What did you do yesterday?”… “Oh..nothing… just boared”. Uh – huh 😀
ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

All creatures great and small can agree – good pussy is good pussy!
The lovely and very naughty DevoteHuendin may well be Devoted to Hounds; but that does not stop the Lady dancing to a different tune once in a while. This time, the Lady gets amorous with young Chester. He is a young boar, but nobodys fool. He knows a hot chick when he sees one. And by ‘see’, I of course mean ‘smell’, since pigs largely see with their noses. The scent of a receptive Pet Girl got to be an amazing scent, I am quite envious of Chester. Seeing our Ladies in ways we never could. And, what comes next.
ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Rough and tough love, animal style…
This is quite a hardcore boar movie, we took some calculated risks. Chester is young, so not huge, yet. Due to his size, he is not quite large enough to use a pig interface rig. The options were – wait until he was big enough. Or, get it on raw Wild Style. Ms DV was quite insistent, that she was gonna do the pig. And do the pig, She did.
ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Linked up and pumping the Lady full of boar seed…
Without the cover, this was a rough ride. Pigs basically have talons – big clawing fuckers used for rooting things out of the ground. Vs the young Ladies tender flesh, ouch. Poor Devote was ravaged in the extreme, you’ll remember seeing some of those scratches in her first movie. Some tears were shed. Sounds awful I know. But do keep in mind, if a Lady desires it, we endeavour to provide. Every true Artists suffers for his or her art. In Dvs case, quite literally.
Since then, we have worked out a more appropriate, Batgirl style costume with adequate protection. But that’s tomorrow. This is today. Today, Devote is getting pigged the hard way. And, full respect to the Lady, because she took it like a pro Pet Girl. AND, came back for more! My goodness that Lady is insatiable 😉
ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Every young boar needs an experienced Lady to show him the ropes…
You’ve all seen a boar movie by now, so you know how it works. The Lady was bred with precision, thoroughly bred. That Devote Flower got the piggy juice and lots of it. He drills her, and drills her, and does her right. After this session, there is no denying that this vagina knows what it means to be fucked by a pig. And Chester knows what it feels like to sink into a soft, hot, wet Lady Flower. Knowing me, knowing you. Great.
Chester is a brute of a lover. He shoves DV down with his nose as if to say ‘get the fuck down there and lemme fuck you’. The charming Devil! The look of surprise on Devotes face as Chester drills her, is priceless – boar cum flying everywhere…
ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Checking to see how much juice Chester pumped into that sweet flower…
So Gang, you’ve been asking, and so here’s our first new boar movie on the new site. It will not be the last – Chester is growing, and so is our network. So you can expect more pigfun in the not too distant future. For now, I trust you will enjoy seeing that corkscrew cock wriggling it’s way into DV’s hot crotch. I know I did 😉
ArtOfZoo - Mr Pig Stuff - animal sex with women

Chester simply can’t get enough of DVs love!

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